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İstanbul / Bağcılar - 04

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İstanbul / Bağcılar - 04

İstanbul / Bağcılar - 04

Your Life Will Change!

Lux Towers is a brand new project from Luxera that will maximize your quality of life and carry your investment to the future with high profits.

Far Above the Standards

You will feel lucky for the rest of your life when you have the privileges and elite life of Lux Towers.Whether for investment or to add value to your life... You will live your future on the spacious terraces that few people can have, and in the unique landscape that brings the city to your life with all its beauties.

It Will Enrich Your Life With Its Options!

A living space signed by Luxera should have satisfied you with every privilege and point.In order to make your life easier and to build the most ideal living space, we have designed a shopping mall that will meet your every need, cafe and restaurant areas that will meet your every need, just below our comfort-oriented residence apartments ranging from 1+1 to 4+1.As soon as you step inside Lux Towers, you will encounter a brand new lifestyle and a life that you cannot break away from will begin at that moment.

Aesthetic Approach That Makes the Life Beautiful

Lux Towers creates an iconic architecture by approaching life from an aesthetic point of view. Your life will be beautiful with details in your new living space, every detail of which has been designed with meticulous care.

You are at the right spot

Lux Towers, which is located right next to the Basın Ekspres road, facilitates your access to every point of Istanbul and gives you the most valuable thing in this life; the time... So, is that enough? We have offered you many options to make your time valuable by taking our place only 200 meters from Güneşli Metro Station.

Payment Plan
%50 Down Payment %50 18 Month. Installment

Flat Types and Prices;      
Type Min m² Max m² Min Price Max Price
1+1 65.92m² 87.09m² 266,325$ 325.457$
2+1 100.95m² 137.56m² 340.688$ 495.528$
3+1 181.97m² 243.91m² 529.284$ 865.816$
4+1 293.43m² 298.75m² 1.009.065$ 1.083.777$

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