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İstanbul / Taksim - 01

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İstanbul / Taksim - 01

İstanbul / Taksim - 01


The city that brings together two continents, different cultures, languages, sounds and tastes, is in Taksim, the heart of Istanbul.
now there is a brand new meeting point: Taksim 360. Turkey's largest renovation project
Taksim 360 was also deemed worthy of Europe's Best Urban Renewal Award.
Taksim 360 has been renewed by preserving the historical, architectural and cultural values ​​of Beyoğlu with sensitivity.
With the richness of polyphony, Istanbul has gained a brand new center of life and attraction.
Taksim 360, a brand new mixed project that transforms Tarlabaşı.
Not only with the office and residence blocks, but also with the stores in it,
Taksim 360 promises a full life with its art galleries and location.
Istanbul, which wants the historical and cultural richness of Istanbul, such as Nişantaşı, Cihangir and Eminönü
There are many stories that lovers will experience in Taksim 360, all of which are full of Istanbul.

Cities like Rome, New York, London
leaving behind the best in the world
ranked first among destinations
settled in Istanbul, 300 thousand years of history
to always be the center throughout
succeeded, the capital of the world.
Host of history, modern times
his shoulders as the shining point of two continents
proud city.


'Urban Renewal', realized with Turkey's first public-private partnership, where historical values ​​are meticulously preserved.
Project' Taksim 360 is one of the exemplary projects of Istanbul with a construction area of ​​165,000 m2 and a facade length of 220 meters.
A concept consisting of 9 blocks and 918 units, which will serve residential, office, commercial sections, shopping and social life.
It is positioned as the new address of life and investment with streets.

360 Date

Istanbul is the city where all eyes are on you in every period of history, bringing cultures and civilizations together.
And Taksim 360, located in Taksim, the square of that city. From Galata, enriched by the trade of Venice and Genoese,
It is a lively location that meets a wide variety of needs in the Beyoğlu and Pera regions, where embassies are located.
Taksim also hosts Istanbul's oldest educational institutions, museums and exhibitions.
It is also rich in cultural values.
We do not allow all this richness to live only in black and white photographs. History from today's perspective
We invite you to Taksim 360 to see and be a part of this innovation.

360 Project

We know; While reaching into the future, structures that can preserve the historical values ​​on which they are based leave traces behind.
Taksim 360, where the region is meticulously protected; with concept streets that serve housing, office, shopping and social life.
surrounded. Consisting of 9 blocks and 918 units, Taksim 360 offers an architecturally rational approach to the future with the historical texture of the region.
blended in. There are many reasons for living and doing business here.
Not just today, but for two thousand years…
With its strikingly long façade on the main street, with offices each designed differently, on its streets.
With concept streets where life energy flows, every detail is considered for your maximum comfort.
Taksim 360 with its residence flats makes a holistic claim possible: It draws its power from the past.
a symbol of perfection reaching into the future.

360 Life

For you to have a different experience with a very rich life culture in this oldest and known center of Istanbul.
Taksim 360 is surrounded by culture, history, art and life. Offering the leading flavors of world cuisine
A richness to life from restaurants to cafes, from museums to art galleries within a short walking distance.
Adding details are in Taksim 360.
If you wish, you can find local trends from luxury brands that shape the world fashion in Nişantaşı, a few minutes away.
You can have a shopping experience with a broad perspective on boutiques. After your shopping
You can experience different examples of world cuisine with your friends in many cafes and restaurants,
You can prolong your enjoyment.
When you want to visit an art gallery or museum, it is among the richest cultural heritage of Istanbul.
You can feed your soul from a wide variety of options. which will take place in Taksim 360
In addition to the art galleries, you can see the leading glasswork of local artists in Galata,
You can visit another photography exhibition at every corner in Tunel and Galatasaray.
The newest works of famous painters will be within walking distance of this region.

360 Professional

Knowing that you can get the solution for whatever you need in Taksim 360 is the comfort we offer you.
sets the standard. Offices created with modern architectural details, ideal for your high-level meetings, are a prestigious business
He has the necessary infrastructure for his life. Airport transfer or meetings in another part of the city whenever you wish
You can take advantage of the privileges required in the intense pace of modern life with VIP transfer services.
You can successfully make the first impression of what you will encounter in Taksim 360, the stylish office lobby that welcomes you and your guests.
he answers. Residence dai with a holistic approach and design language



Type Min m² Max m² Min Price Max Price
1+1 63.41m² 104.5m² 590.000$ 880.000$
2+1 100.20m² 234.62m² 770.000$ 1.870.00$
3+1 170m² 255.59m² 1.100.000$ 1.880.000$


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